Looking to buy or sell your bus?

When you're looking to sell your bus, you probably know it's a difficult process. You may struggle to find potential buyers because of the sheer number of ads for buses for sale out there. So, why not advertise your bus for sale on a site meant specifically for advertising, like Hitad.lk?

We make it easier for people interested in buying your vehicle to find you and make it much more likely that you'll get more views and interested buyers.

Interested in buying a pre-owned or brand-new bus in Sri Lanka?

We’ve got your back. Hitad.lk provides a range of buses for sale in Sri Lanka, listed by sellers and verified owners across the country. Search for buses for sale in Sri Lanka, filter your results with the correct category, brand, and details, and you’re done! Our site will provide you with featured vehicles by top sellers. It is best to look into the details and specifications before deciding on the most suitable vehicle for you, such as brand,mileage, type, and price. Once you are done choosing, it is just one phone call away! We have got a wide range of bus types which you can choose from, from Toyota to TATA and Mitsubishi, so you have an extensive range to browse through.

Selling a bus that you own is now easier with Hitad.lk.

Submit a live ad for buses for sale along with good-quality pictures, a captivating description, accurate details and specifications of your bus, and a reasonable price that is be negotiable, because a better description equals more interested buyers and prospects. Upload quality, clear pictures to your ad, so that your buyers will know and visualize the vehicle that they are planning to purchase. Points such as mileage, brand, condition of the battery and engine are vital to be added when you are placing an ad on Hitad.lk. Once your ad is completed and live, all you need to do is wait! If you need a boost to your ad, simply select the super seller option, and your ad will be featured in the top listings for buses for sale in Sri Lanka.


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