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  1. What is HitAd ?

  2. Welcome to www.HitAd.lk. Sri Lanka's largest online classified portal. Post your sell, buy, rent ad for FREE on hitad.lk

  3. What can I advertise on HitAd?

    1. Vehicles
    2. House & Property
    3. Mobiles
    4. Electronics
    5. Education
    6. Spas, Sports Leisure & Travel
    7. Housing products & Services
    8. Computers
    9. Pets & animals
    10. Other

  4. What do I get when I post an ad via HitAd?

    1. Description of 100 words
    2. Maximum of 8 images
    3. Ad will be published for 30 days

  5. What are the available methods of posting ads on Hitad Web?

    1. Online Ad posting via the ( hitad web site )
    2. Walk in to any Wijeya Newspapers branch
    3. Walk in to any Wijeya Newspapers Advertising agent
    4. Deposit the money to specified the Bank Account and Email or Fax the ad along with the deposit slip to support@hitad.lk **

  6. What are the payment options available?

    1. Online payments via Visa or Master Credit cards
    2. Online payments via Visa or Master Debit cards
    3. Walk in to any Wijeya Newspapers branch
    4. Walk in to any Wijeya Newspapers Advertising agent
    5. Deposit the payment amount to Commercial Bank Account

  7. How do I post an ad online on the HitAd website ?

  8. Click on the button "Post your Ad Online" and Post as many ads as you like Enter your name, email address and mobile number
    Enter ad details and Upload any images (You can upload up to 8 images. The maximum file size per image is 5MB.)

    Preview your Ad. Confirm and Post Ad.

    Your ad will be published within 4 working hours after review by HitAd team. Your web ad is valid for 1 month

    1. If you want to appear on the top of the search results and gain more prominence for your ad select the "top seller" option.
    2. If you are a Dialog mobile user and you wish to receive SMS matching alerts for your ad tick on "Send SMS matching alerts". The service is Free

  9. How do I post an ad via #479# USSD service on my Dialog/Mobitel/Etisalat Mobile?

    1. Dial #479# from Dialog/Mobitel/Etisalat/Airtel Mobile
    2. Select option 1. New classified
    3. Select Option 3. Hitad web
    4. Select the category option 1. Auto focus 2. House & Property
    5. Select publish date 1. Publish now 2. Different date
    6. You will receive an SMS with a Reference number from 479
    7. Reply the ad description with the reference number as follows

      Reference number >Space< ad description & contact number and send the SMS to 479

      Eg. 11235 Toyota Axio for Sale 0777123456 - SMS to 479

    8. After reviewing the ad it will be published in the web within 4 working hours Note: if you wish to publish the images please email the photos with the reference number to support@hitad.lk

  10. How long will it take to update my ad after submitting ?

  11. Your ad would updated on the site within 4 working hours after review by HitAd team

  12. What are the working hours of HitAd?

  13. Our working hours are from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm daily

  14. How do I search for a product or service on HitAd website?

  15. Type what you are looking for in the search box and press Enter. You may narrow down your search by selecting a category and a region from the drop down menu.

  16. What is a Top Seller Ad?

    1. What are the additional benefits I get by making my ad a top seller? Your ad will appear on the top of the search results for 2 weeks.
    2. What is the Charge to make my ad a top seller? Rs.500 will be charged
    3. How can I make my existing ad a top seller? Go to Become Top-seller Ad and select top seller option. You can convert your regular ad to a top seller ad by paying an additional Rs 500/=

  17. How do I make payment at Commercial Bank?

  18. Deposit the money to the below mentioned Commercial Bank Account and Email or Fax the Ad and the Bank Deposit slip

    Account Name : Wijeya Newspapers LTD
    Bank: Commercial Bank
    Account Number 1216005605
    Branch Ramanayaka Mawatha
    Email Address support@hitad.lk
    Fax No 0112 44 58 28
    Tel No 0112 47 94 48

  19. How do I edit or delete my Web ad?

  20. You could edit or delete your ad anytime by providing your ad password
    View your Ad. Click on ‘Edit Ad’ or ‘Delete Ad’. Enter the email address and Ad password provided when creating the Ad
    If you have forgotten password, users should notify webmaster via the Contact Us form to edit or delete their ad. Please provide the Ad ID, your email address and contact number used to create the Ad.

  21. Why was my ad rejected?

  22. If your advertisement is violating our terms and conditions, we would refrain from publishing your advertisement. Please read-through our terms and conditions carefully.
    Eg: - Ads that contain a product or service that is illegal in Sri Lanka, abusive language or pictures, an invalid phone number or email address, or external web links not related to the product or service that is sold or sought will be rejected.

  23. How do I post an ad on HitAd Sinhala website?

  24. You need to have Sinhala Unicode font installed in your computer to use this feature.
    Click on Sinhala on the top of the page and follow the same procedure to post an ad.
    Use the Sinhala Unicode keyboard provided to type your ad

  25. How do I post an ad on the Hitad print?

  26. Click on the "Book Print Ad" button and follow the instructions

  27. What are the terms and conditions relating to posting ads?

  28. Please refer our terms and conditions