NEW Zealand resident son born in 1992 height 5’ 5”, BSc graduated from a reputed New Zealand university, currently working as a Manager in Hospitality S...

Ref No : 2836524346

T Number : 103537

UPCOUNTRY parents (Retired) seek an educated daughter, devoted to religion in the same caste of their only son in the family who was born in 1993/12, Bodu/ Govi, 5’...

Ref No : 1373565277

T Number : T98833

WESTERN Province father (govt. bank retired Senior Manager) seeks an educated, beautiful daughter for his very handsome son who was born in 1992, Bodu Govi, with a resp...

Ref No : 3916090639

T Number : T102008

FATHER seeks a suitable partner from a plantation/ business family for his only son in the family who belongs to a famous business family, educated (BSc/ MBA) handsome...

Ref No : 3003636800

T Number : T102095

KANDY: Parents (retired teachers) seek a suitable partner for their handsome son, who is 33 years, legally separated from a short marriage due to a marriage confined o...

Ref No : 1359510106

T Number : T81528-

BUDDHIST business family in Kandy District seek, educated, smart, pretty daughter for their well educated son born in 1996/Aug. He is handsome, well-mannered person atte...

Ref No : 1259420572

T Number : T98963-

BODHU Govi retired senior state bank executive father seek a partner for his only child and son 38yrs 5’10” state bank officer drawing six figure salary. ...

Ref No : 938375112

T Number : T97047

SEEKS daughter for son 1977 Kadawatha Webada, 5’ 5”, really devoid from vices, having own vehicle, business, land, house. Kuja 7.

Ref No : 3937984483

T Number : T99834

PARENTS seek similar educated executive grade suitable partner to son, Western Province, Bodu Govi, 1991 May born, 5’ 6” for Software Engineer Data Scientis...

Ref No : 3657877015

T Number : T99815-

PARENTS seek employed Businessman similar caste pretty daughter for son 1992 October Gampaha Bodu Govi 5’ 7” from respectable family engaged in permanent em...

Ref No : 3800024952

T Number : T103153

1987/7 Bodu 5’ 1” employed in Dubai for daughter, parents seek only a virtuous son employed in Dubai. 0112042488

Ref No : 4282016452

T Number : T101871-1

B/K Parents (Doctors) seek educated partner (Preferably a doctor/ Medical Student) for their son. He is a qualified Engineer in Australia. Born in 1996 march. Schoo...

Ref No : 3182937805

T Number : T97537

1987 for beautiful English Teacher and 1990 MBBS Doctor for two daughters too, partners are sought. 0117669373

Ref No : 82094062

T Number : T99643-1

B/K respectable business parents are looking for an educated good looking, slim & fair daughter for their MBA qualified smart son. 33+ (looks much younger), med...

Ref No : 2293095742

T Number : T68785

09/1989 born G/B 5’ 5”, father lawyer seeks a smart, professionally qualified, healthy son with a respectable family background for our pleasant younger dau...

Ref No : 3558742111

T Number : T102193-1

SEPARATED legally B/G and a devoid of all malice,seek a person of 36-43 years with perseverance with a view of marriage. Those with even one child considered. Call for mo...

Ref No : 765576247

T Number : T100595

FOR son resides in Kurunegala town, very efficient Engineer, having businesses in the town, 95/02, height 5’ 9”, owned house adjoining to Expressway acc...

Ref No : 3108164042

T Number : T98370

WESTERN Province, Father (Senior Assistant Secretary) seeks a suitable daughter for his son who was born in 1988, Bodu/ Govi, educated from the Royal College, 5’ ...

Ref No : 829800146

T Number : T101855

PARENTS (Teacher) seek a daughter (Doctor/ Engineer) for their only son in the family who was born in 1996/Sept. 5’ 6” tall, Bodu/ Govi, Moratuwa University...

Ref No : 48788243

T Number : T102653

1996 born close to Colombo, Buddhist, Govi, Colombo studied at a leading girl’s school in Colombo, 5’ 1” height, with pleasant appearance, unblemis...

Ref No : 1835318843

T Number : T97638-1

1994.12 height 5’ 5” B/Salagama. No differences. Medical Doctor daughter, seek a son Doctor, Engineer or a Staff officer as partner, having 2, 8 (Ku. Sha. R...

Ref No : 1876818086

T Number : T102055-1

1993 born, close to Colombo, Buddhist Govi, studied at a Colombo leading girls school, CIMA & MSc qualified had been employed as an Executive grade capacity at p...

Ref No : 694480580

T Number : T97639-1

1993 MBBS Doctor & 1996 BSc, MBA, CIMA for graduate 2 daughters too, partners are sought. 0114530830

Ref No : 2787385146

T Number : T99662-1

SEEKS partner similar status for son 1995, Kadawatha, 70 Million modern two storied house, fixed deposit worth 60 Lkhs, 20 Pound jewellery, property owned for son eng...

Ref No : 2648556485

T Number : T99868


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