RESPECTABLE parents Colombo district seek kind educated son for their pleasant daughter BSc (Eng.) 29 years 5’ 2” employed educated in leading girls’ scho...

Ref No : 3476393831

T Number : T382713-1

RESPECTABLE Govi Sinhala parent seeks a partner for daughter born May 1987, 5’ slim medium complexion educated in a Christian school in Colombo and employed. Email de...

Ref No : 4129629812

T Number : T384894-1

RESPECTABLE Buddhist parents living in America seek a suitable partner for their youngest daughter. She is 5’ 4”, born in 1989, holds a Bachelor’s Degree ...

Ref No : 1564868208

T Number : T374905-2

RATNAPURA: Parents seek a gentleman or businessman engaged in a high employment, to suit Saturn 7 for their daughter. Father is a Buddhist Govi Businessman and leading pol...

Ref No : 754710722

T Number : T377083-1

PROFESSIONALLY qualified well mannered son is sought by Colombo B/G parents for their 1995 5’ 3” fair pretty Lawyer daughter {LLB Attorney-at-Law, MSc HRM (UK), LL...

Ref No : 4253041315

T Number : T382294-1

PARTNERS are sought for the daughter who is a Director in a Government Institute, born in 1989 and really beautiful daughter who is a MBBS Doctor born in 1992. 011766937...

Ref No : 1422362077

T Number : T380078-1

PARTNERS are sought for MBBS Doctor (daughter) beautiful and born in 1994 and Government Executive Officer (daughter) born in 1995. 0113465592

Ref No : 2751281426

T Number : T380086-1

PARENTS seek son expected to leave foreign country for higher education or lives in there for daughter 1987 close to Colombo Bodu Govi 5’ 2” educated in lea...

Ref No : 3598438659

T Number : T380474-1

PARENTS seek educated good character son for daughter 1999 close to Colombo Bodu Vishwa Kula 23 age, University Final Year, height 5’ 6”.

Ref No : 1694191633

T Number : T383682-1

PARENTS seek a son with good character educated Upcountry respectable, owner of a business or having a high employment in the same caste of their daughter who was born ...

Ref No : 1430126180

T Number : T382385-1

PARENTS retired from government service Bodu Karawa not considering differences educated respecting moral value parents seek partner living or willing to go to United S...

Ref No : 883131023

T Number : T381466-1

PARENTS professionals seek suitable similar status virtuous son engaged in employment for daughter 1993-7 good character for daughter (MBBS SL Doctor). Write with famil...

Ref No : 3612664164

T Number : T384494-1

PARENTS (retired) seek similar educated employed partner for daughter close to Gampaha 5’ 5” Bodu Govi 1989-11 Physical Science (Kelaniya), MSc Sustainable ...

Ref No : 3786790041

T Number : T376847-1

PARENTS (government retired) seek qualified partner for their only daughter in the family obtained education in Colombo higher girls’ school, 1987 May born for da...

Ref No : 1603088248

T Number : T377476-1

PARENTS (doctor/ nursing officer) seek suitable partner for daughter Matara Bodu Govi 1994 November height 5 feet 3 inches, MBBS working as Residential Doctor for prett...

Ref No : 3465412609

T Number : T383302-1

PANNIPITIYA: Parents seek a suitable partner for their daughter who was born in 1994-12 5’ 6” tall fair Sinhala Buddhist, educated from a leading girls’ sc...

Ref No : 712437343

T Number : T383649-1

PANADURA: Parents seek an educated virtuous son with permanent employment for their daughter who is a Buddhist Govi born in 1989 August 5’ 8” tall thin fair c...

Ref No : 3037011445

T Number : T378677-1

MOTHER seeks educated partner for divorced daughter with dowry, Colombo Bodu Salagama 1985, 5’ 2” Lawyer. 0112179638

Ref No : 2311840867

T Number : T384840-1

MOTHER (doctor) seeks for her daughter (Doctor) close to Colombo Bodu Govi 39 years (divorced from marriage only limited to document) seeks a professional partner with...

Ref No : 1314367803

T Number : T376863-1

MATUGAMA: Parents (Retired) seek a partner for their daughter who was born in 1987/02, 5’ tall, Buddhist Govi, BSc Physical Science (J’pura) BIT (Diploma Colo...

Ref No : 3103106931

T Number : T378661-1

MAHARAGAMA: Father (engineer) and mother (doctor) seek a suitable partner for their daughter who was born in 1993 March Buddhist Govi 5’ 4” tall resident in Mah...

Ref No : 421827100

T Number : T380586-1

KOTTE: Parents seek a son; Doctor/ Engineer or University Lecturer for their only daughter who was born in 1993-5, 5’ 1” tall Buddhist Govi, reading for th...

Ref No : 3767780457

T Number : T383663-1

KIND and virtuous, academically and professionally qualified partner is sought for the sister (38 years) with similar qualities. Academically and professionally qual...

Ref No : 2130448159

T Number : T384622-1

KEGALLE parents (Retired Teachers) seek a virtuous and educated son for their daughter who is 29 yrs, Buddhist/ Govi, 5’ 3” tall, fair, beautiful, slim body...

Ref No : 3540711047

T Number : T377800-1


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