UPCOUNTRY Bodu Govi parents seek same caste educated pretty daughter for their 1995-7 5’ 8” fair handsome employed devoid from vices Engineer (Peradeniya) son...

Ref No : 297666537

T Number : T144039-1

UPCOUNTRY Bodu 1998 5’ 4” A/L passed in English Medium at a girls’ school in Kandy, worked at Geological Department in University of Peradeniya, current...

Ref No : 1951802349

T Number : T137716-1

PARENTS seek educated employed son for their pretty daughter currently engaged in higher employment in Japan, graduated from Government University, Masters holder, Waya...

Ref No : 1766259650

T Number : T140569-1

SOUTHERN Bodu Karawa government officer parents house property owns principal seek suitable professional son for 5’ 2” height, IT graduate, slim figured, 35 ...

Ref No : 3303433986

T Number : T143130-1

SIMILAR educated son is sought by parents for daughter Southern Province Bodu Govi 1994 May born BSc graduate MSc Executive for daughter permanently employed in Colombo...

Ref No : 1232306338

T Number : T140546-1

SOUTHERN Bodu Govi 97/07 5’ 4” transport & logistics management graduate at university of Moratuawa, employed as a consultant at a foreign private compan...

Ref No : 571150271

T Number : T144458-1

SEEK permanent employed partner for 1992 Galle Bodu Govi 5’ 4” government employed daughter.

Ref No : 2533640656

T Number : T138784-1

PARENTS seek equal educated son for daughter Southern Province Bodu Govi 1997 September born Electrical Engineer (Moratuwa).

Ref No : 1280118085

T Number : T140553-1

MOTHER, father retired government servants seek educated employed devoid from vices medium built thinking simply son for daughter graduate presently employed in a Gover...

Ref No : 3765749271

T Number : T140562-1

MOTHER seeks suitable partner for daughter Galle Bodu Deva 1995 born height 5’ Government Nursing Officer. Mithuna Lagna, Berana Nekatha.

Ref No : 355682075

T Number : T1024574135-1

GALLE, Bodu, Govi, Bsc (Agri) (hons) graduate, government employed, well mannered, fair complexioned daughter who born in later part of 1980 & 5’ 2” he...

Ref No : 3879698690

T Number : T139970-1

SUITABLE good moral value graduate son is sought by retired bank officer father, mother also engaged in government service for daughter 1996-4 born residing close to Col...

Ref No : 3086498122

T Number : T137902-1

SEEKS suitable virtuous partner for pretty good charactered virtuous sister in the Gampaha District Bodu Govi 1982 born 5’ 3 1/2”. She engaged employment ...

Ref No : 3936202501

T Number : T144393-1

SEEKS partner for three daughters pretty 1992 born MBA graduate from business family Directress, 1990 born Government Service Teacher daughter and for 1996 born Elect...

Ref No : 2938206586

T Number : T141196-1

SEEKS educated virtuous son MSc in foreign country and could employed or engaged employment in Sri Lanka for second daughter Bandaragama 1997 June Bodu Govi height 5&...

Ref No : 916841722

T Number : T144177-1

SEEKS educated son for pretty daughter 1993 Bodu Govi close to Colombo obtained Degree in government university completed Postgraduate Degree by Scholarship obtained ...

Ref No : 1506331009

T Number : T143127-1

RETIRED parents seek good charactered educated son for daughter Gampaha 1988-12 5’ 4” fair complexioned employed Executive Grade in Semi Government Organiza...

Ref No : 1034674434

T Number : T1024573926-1

PARENTS seek virtuous son devoid from vices for daughter Bodu Govi 1992-6 Business Promotion Manageress in a leading private company, 5’ beautiful attractive daug...

Ref No : 2623587371

T Number : T144310-1

PARENTS seek kind virtuous daughter for son 1987 close to Colombo Bodu Salagama height 5’ 4” pleasant looking, having degree, owned dowry for Businessman so...

Ref No : 246445253

T Number : T142037-1

RETIRED mother seeks similar caste Bank/ Lecturer/ Doctor son for pretty daughter Upcountry Bodu Govi 1993-9 5’ 3” for Double Degree holder Engineer daughte...

Ref No : 1037033634

T Number : T140426-1

PARENTS seek virtuous graduate son for daughter 1995 Colombo 5’ 3” wheatish skin tone Hindu Tamil Indian decent Postgraduate in Science employed in a MNC. H...

Ref No : 2347845834

T Number : T144741-1

PARENTS seek virtuous educated moral value son for slim attractive daughter 1991 September close to Colombo Bodu Govi/ Karawa 5’ obtained education in Colombo hig...

Ref No : 302391270

T Number : T142078-1

PARENTS seek virtuous educated employed son for fair complexioned virtuous daughter 1992 Athurugiriya Bodu Govi 5’ Sri Jayewardenepura University External Degree ...

Ref No : 662064420

T Number : T143249-1

PARENTS seek suitable educated virtuous partner for daughter 1990 born Bodu Govi 5’ 5” studied in Colombo higher girls school for Doctor daughter. Write wit...

Ref No : 1545008606

T Number : T143823-1


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