SEEKS only parties only already left the country or local with property for daughter Kandy age 52 lived abroad presently living in Sri Lanka, legally divorced and no ...

Ref No : 832237503

T Number : T284664-1

SEEKS government/ private permanent employed having monthly income house unmarried widower with/ without children Govigama religious Buddhist kind aged 52-59 partner ...

Ref No : 1337201786

T Number : T284518-1

SEEKS educated virtuous bridegroom for daughter 1989 5’ 3” Upcountry Bodu Govi slim bodied engaged in Government Nursing Service. Got through Degree. 0813...

Ref No : 2455178782

T Number : T281968-1

AGED 33 years Colombo government employed graduate gorgeous beautiful Buddhist Govi 5’ 5” inherits dowry, legally separated limited only to signature, fo...

Ref No : 3962080153

T Number : T281949-1

1996 only daughter well educated working as a Project Manager in USA company.

Ref No : 3332704339

T Number : T286403-1

ACADEMICALLY and professionally qualified kind humble below 46 year old son is sought by S/Buddhist/ GK parents for their attractive elder daughter born in 1983 height 5&rsq...

Ref No : 2233607306

T Number : T283079-1

1994 Western Province B/G height 5’ 3” presently studying for a Doctorate in Australia daughter a Civil Engineer. Parents seek a non-smoker, teetotaler, ...

Ref No : 1517947345

T Number : T282455-1

1999 Final year University student 5’ 9” in height daughter suitable educated good mannered partner is sought by the parents.

Ref No : 2412089978

T Number : T286171-1

1998 August Buddhist Govi Western Province Malabe at private sector employed as an Executive Officer. Properties inherited for daughter, with decent employment good ...

Ref No : 2615252620

T Number : T281511-1

1997 Born Rahu in 07 B/G employed in a private company graduate of a State University only daughter a suitable educated good mannered partner is sought by the mother...

Ref No : 3278670432

T Number : T286420-1

1996/04 Colombo suburbs B/G/ Karawa height 5’ 2” Pleasant looking kind hearted daughter a Government Doctor, father a retired Executive Officer of a State B...

Ref No : 1279964289

T Number : T281233-1

1996/01 Near Colombo B/G height 5’ 2” slim beautiful good character MBBS (SL) Doctor daughter retired parents seek a Medical/ Engineering graduate from a st...

Ref No : 4269369710

T Number : T286158-1

A Buddhist family in UK seeks academically, professionally qualified, below 35, less than 6’ in height, with sober habits, having an interest to prosper eco...

Ref No : 2191889457

T Number : T281804-1

A DECENT well mannered partner is sought for their daughter by parents in Colombo from a Christian/Buddhist background daughter is 43 years old, fair 5’ tal...

Ref No : 2267064158

T Number : T284523-1

1999 June final year student of SLIIT computer engineering degree, permanent employed as associate engineer at leading company, 5’ 2” height and pleasant...

Ref No : 283141328

T Number : T286433-1

1994 January, 5’ 7” graduate employed brunette well mannered daughter. Seek tall, educated, employed, compatible to horoscope, Sinhala/Tamil son born aft...

Ref No : 147927294

T Number : T283621-1

1994 November Gampaha district Bodu/ Govi 5’ 4” MBBS (state) doctor daughter. Doctor parents seek educated, higher employed virtuous well mannered partne...

Ref No : 4135898044

T Number : T283595-1

Born in 1992 May height 5’ 3” B/G employed at the Central Bank of Sri Lanka Attorney IBSL, MSC passed daughter the retired parents seek an educated emplo...

Ref No : 2885731212

T Number : T286431-1

BODU Wishwa 24 years 5’ 6” height graduate employed pretty daughter. Engineer father & teacher mother seek executive grade employed, educated, well m...

Ref No : 1754703406

T Number : T286410-1

BODU Govi with a young look, slim and owning a land and without any encumbrances, passed in A/Ls in Science subjects I am seeking a tall slim young looking 58-65 stu...

Ref No : 2013823746

T Number : T282022-1

B/G respectable family seeks a son for daughter 27 years 5’ 3” pretty. She is a MBBS Doctor and studied at Musaeus College. Please write to: jchampika14...

Ref No : 3756786160

T Number : T281653-1

AN educated, well-mannered partner below 33 is sought by Catholic Sinhala parents from Western Province for their fair, pretty, qualified daughter 26, 5 feet 3 inc...

Ref No : 2289783653

T Number : T285595-1

GOVI Buddhist parents seek professionally qualified, financially independent son (non-smoker) above 5’ 8” in height, fluent in English for 1993 born, 5&r...

Ref No : 2034850567

T Number : T286521-1

FATHER seeks partner for fair complexioned attractive daughter Avissawella 1989-11 Bodu Govi 5’ 3” Secondary Medical Service MLT.

Ref No : 3006179037

T Number : T283585-1


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