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Marriage proposal ads are a great way to attract the person you want to marry and must be done with the utmost care. is a great platform to place matrimonial ads and select your perfect match. Hundreds of like-minded Sri Lankan individuals are looking for a partner through, making it the ideal platform to find your future partner. is the perfect place to find and build life-long partnerships with marriage proposals in Sri Lanka!

We provide an opportunity for potential users to find information about suitable people to become their life partners. Placing a marriage proposal advertisement on helps the user find the perfect fit for their life partner, and make connections with them. You can either view a list of marriage proposals added on our platform or post a marriage proposal ad if you are looking for the one who completes you. Use our easy-to-use search tools to find a bride or groom who matches your interests and background. Here at, we aim to provide you with a range of eligible brides and grooms so that you will be able to look for your perfect soulmate. Visit the matrimonial section of our site and filter your results by choosing brides or grooms, and there you go! Listings requesting a suitable partner are available, and it is entirely up to you to decide on the most interesting connection. You can also use the information provided in the marriage proposal listing to contact them, and find out more details.

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Why worry, when we have got the marriage proposals in Sri Lanka ads right up on our site? Create a new ad and enter all the details that you may think would be sufficient for eligible partners to create a connection with you. Try to describe yourself and your family, adding sufficient details such as age, height, education, family background, and horoscopes to find your perfect soulmate. Once you are ready, submit your proposal and it will immediately be listed under our section of marriage proposals in Sri Lanka. Whether you are looking for a Sri Lankan bride or groom here or overseas, these ads are a great start to finding the right soulmate.


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