Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

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1. Measure systolic, diastolic and pulse at the same time

2. 60 Memories

3. Know Your Blood Pressure With The Push Of A Button. Shows Systolic, 4. Diastolic and Pulse Readings.

5. Compact design fits over your wrist like a watch.

6. Easy to use wrist style eliminates pumping. Stores 60 readings to monitor your health over time.

7. Easy to follow instructions. One size adjustable cuff fits all.

*Digital LCD Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor With Heart Beat Rate Pulse Meter Measure

*Intelligent automatic compression and decompression

*Easy to operate, switching button to start measuring

*Measurement Method:Pulse Scanning/Oscilloscopic Measurement;

*Measurement range:  Blood Pressure ± 3mmHg or ±2%,Pulse:±5% of measured data;

*Memory Capacity:Each side may record 60 groups of Measurement data;

*Pressurization:Full automatic pressurization mode;

*Decompression:Full automatic pressurization mode;

*Air Discharge:Full automatic pressurization mode;

*Forced induction:Semiconductor Pressure Sensor;

*Power:internal electric source BF group(N0.7 alkaline cell);

*Product Size :70 x 72 x 23mm 

*Net weight: 85g

Note: Please connect the wristband with left hand from 5 - 10 mm( about one finger width), if the distance is too long, you will get a error message of " Err 003", and unable to do any operation.

  1 X Automatic Blood Pressure Heart Beat Monitor

   1 X English Manual

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