Wireless Burglar Alarm Security System

2020-02-14 16:41 pm

Your Night There Day!!!!
Protect Your Home & Family

Burglar Alarm system Security Wireless GSM Auto dial Call Home House Intruder Alarm with Control Host Outdoor Siren PIR Motion Detector and Door/Window Detector

Can set to dial monitoring center, police and owners; Send text message or call up to 8 phone numbers automatically via mobile network, if an alarm occurs., Use a telephone to control your alarm system or you can control via the text message, from anywhere in the world., 99 wireless defense zones: Each defense zone can be coded one wireless sensor, so totally can be coded 99 wireless sensors; 8 wired defense zones: can be totally connected 7 different defense zone's wired sensors., Can store 6 phone numbers for call alert and store 2 numbers for alarm monitoring center, All the alarm system is wireless in signal transmission, no need to run wires and is easy installation

Package included :-
01) Alarm control panel - 01 no
02) Window or door Sensors – 02 nos
03) Motion Sensor - 01 no
04) Siren - 01 no
05) Remote control – 02 nos

One year warranty for control panel

Price – Rs 18,000.00

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