Quality Goats for Sale

2020-02-14 16:40 pm

Please no time waters and to be sold on weekends (Saturdays & Sundays) by appointment only.


We are offering Quality young Goats Breeds due to the sale of the estate to buyers of quality goats for breeding.


Breeds are offered for sale from Rs 85,000 onwards for the following groups and will not be sold separately

Boer Breeds – 2 SA Boers (1 expecting delivery soon) + Rare Kalahari Red Boer (1 male Stud & 1 Female). Price Rs 250,000.00 for each adult goat.


LaMancha - The American Short Ear Breeds. Lamancha doe can produce about 3-4 liters of milk daily and can be milked for a continuous 2 years without the need for re-breeding. (2 Females + 2 New Born Kids). Price Rs 125,000.00 for each adult goat.


Hornless Saanen Goats (British Breeds) are among the best dairy goat breeds around the world for Milk production. (3 Females + 3 New Born Kids). Price Rs 95,000.00 for each adult goat.


Horn (Swiss/ Australian) Saanen Breeds. A Saanen doe produce about 3 to 4 kg milk daily. (3 Females + 3 New Born Kids + 1 Large Male Stud). Price Rs 95,000.00 for each adult goat.


Black Ring Horn Alpine Ibex Mountain Goat Breeds. Both the male and female goats have beards, short tails, and long Black Ring Horns, 15–28 cm (5.9–11.0 in) in length. (1 Females + 6 months Male Stud). Price Rs 110,000.00 for each adult goat.


RED GOAT Breeds developed in India for high quality sought after Meat. (1 Female + 3 New Born Kids). Price Rs 85,000.00 for each adult goat.


Beetale / Pateri goats Breeds originated from India and Pakistan. They are very highly milk productive goat breed and very suitable for commercial meat production. (2 Females + 5 Kids. Price Rs 100,000.00 for each adult goat.


There are young Kids born to the above breeds in our estate. Ages ranging from 4 weeks to 3 months. Price each from Rs 25,000 to Rs 50, 000


Best Offers invited for the all 15 Adult Females + 3 Adult males + 16 kids of vary breeds born in the estate.

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