ICT Classes

2020-02-12 09:09 am

#Undergraduate in Computer science in the University of Westminster.

#Teaching ICT for Grade 6-11
#Conduct 2 hour classes in English Medium
#With 2 year experience and higher passing rate
#Question papers from various sections of the syllabus is discussed 
#If your child struggles in some of the areas of the syllabus ,I will find that and teach it in very simplistic way to understand it better.
#Special attention for weak students
#Programs for students who are taking the o/l in 2020,In that I discuss model papers, past papers, support seminar papers, and lots of section based questions, time improvement techniques etc..

#Rs 750 per hour (individual)
#Rs 400 per hour (group- max 4 students)

Contact Seller

- 0719182345