Gym Equipment

2019-11-08 23:10 pm

Chest press
Shoulder Press
Bicep preacher curl machine
Leg press
Butterfly machine
Leg extension
Hip adductor 
Hip abductor
Smith machine
Abs machine
Hammer flat chest press m
Hammer incline chest m
Hammer decline chest m
Power rak 
Lat pulldown
Low cable row
Cable crossover
Dumbbell with rack kg 2.5....kg45
2 treadmill
2 cross trainer
Spin bicycle3
Other type 5 bicycle 
7 feet 2 Olympic bars
4 feet 2 olympic bars
5 feet 1 Olympic bar 
4 feet 2 EZ Olympic bars
500 kg weight plates
Adjustable 2 benches
Olympic bench press
Abs bench
Gym carpets 40 pieces
3mm 6×4 feet 10 mirrors
And more other things and equipments.

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