Pond Filter with UV for sale

2019-09-05 19:00 pm

Pond filter that removes green color from water and makes ponds and tanks clear. Bio Pressure Pond Filter UVC 11W up to 6000l • Pressure Pond Filter for ponds up to 6000l • Integrated UVC lamp with 11W • Pressure Pond Filters are easy to clean! • Max. pump capacity 9000l/h Benefits: Pond filter combine the mechanical and biological cleaning with integrated 11W UVC-Pond Clarifier. All connections and the technology are found in the lid, the pond filter can be dugged in without any problem. The pond water can be pumped to higher-lying waterfalls and returned to the garden pond. Cleaning and maintenance: The annual maintenance is limited to the control of the filter media and the UVc-lamp. The UVc-lamp should be replaced after 6000-8000 operating hours. Optimally, the change should be made at the beginning of the pond season in the spring. The EasyClean backflush-function: • Switch position "Filter" Normal operation - The water is passed through the pressure pond filter with the help of a pond pump and returned cleanly into the pond. • Switch position "Clean" Cleaning mode - In this mode the cleaning mechanism is released, allowing to press the control dial and by this means squeeze the filter sponges without opening the pond filter. In the cleaning mode the dirty water is derived via an additional connection and can be used for example for garden irrigation. Installation of the pressure pond filter: The pressure pond filter is installed at the border of the pond and connected with a suitable pond pump in the water (not included in the supply, please note the max. volume capacity of the pond pump). The water is led through the pond filter past the integrated UV-Clarifier and cleanly returned into the pond. Functioning: Pond filter combine the mechanical and biological treatment. Microorganisms accumulate to the filter materials which remove the germs and bacteria from the water. By mechanical filtering floating particles and dirt remain in the pond filter by the means of which they no longer return into the pond water. It takes about 4-6 weeks, until Filter Bacteria have sufficiently colonized the bio pond filter. Only thereafter it is advisable to switch on a UVC Pond Clarifier. Starter bacteria help to shorten the start-up phase of a new filter. Starter bacteria refer to microorganisms especially grown in a laboratory. By adding them, you can shorten the start-up phase considerably. Bacteria are active above a temperature of approximately 10°-12°C, the pond filter´s temperature should exceed 40°C. So the pond filter should be placed in the shadow and not be exposed to direct sunlight. UVC-pond clarifiers irradiate the water in a flow-through reactor with UV rays. The UV-C radiation destroys the swimmig algae. The algae agglutinate to large particles and ca be easily removed by means of mechanical filtering.Our UVC clarifiers modify the tertiary and the quaternary structure of the algae proteins by means of UV-radiation. This means the destructions of the algae which can be removed from the water by pond filters.

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