Camping Tent 24 Square Meters

2019-08-30 17:01 pm

CAMPING TENT 24 Square Meters Temporary structures are used and deployed during humanitarian and environmental crises when existing local infrastructure is unavailable, not fit-for-purpose, or has been destroyed. They are typically used for critical programme implementation (education, child protection, health, nutrition), as well as for staff offices, accommodation and essential service utilities. Temporary structures should be cost-effective, fit-for-purpose, adaptable and easy to transport, assemble, disassemble and relocate, while also flexible enough to be functional in a wide range of operational contexts. Durability is a key criteria, as the structures are often used for periods far exceeding their initial planned duration. S5088008 ***Special price for wholesale orders ***Island-wide delivery available Available Locations;- KURUNEGALA ROAD, DABULLA HIGH LEVEL ROAD, MEEGODA POLGASOWITA , MATTEGODA

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