Calypso & unplugged music band

2019-08-28 13:00 pm

(Zealous calypso & unplug Band ) The utmost entertainment from our music band as your desire. We can make your happyness in to a deep recreation through our well mannered and experience performers with a lot of talents not only Sri lanka but olso over seas in the last decade. We have variety of entertainment with classical western and calypso musics. Singers perform all the three lanuages' songs like Sinhala, English,spanish, Hindi and etc. We dedicate our best to make you happy with much responsibility. .. Our packages are... Ist package- Rs 10000 for three players..(lead Guitar., Rythem Guitar & carjon box) 2nd Package- Rs13000 for three players.. (Lead Guitar, Rythem Guitar & carjon box with Meaduim sound kit) 3rd Package- Rs17000 for four players.. (Lead Guitar,Rythem Guitar, According & Cajon Box) 4rth package - Rs 22000 for four players.. (Lead Guitar, Rythem Guitar, Bass Guitar, Accordion & Carjon box with meaduim sound kit) 5th Package - Rs 27000 for four players.. (Lead Guitar, Rythem Guitar, Bass Guitar & cajon Box with sound setups * For wedding show with a Big sound set up for big crowd) Contact numbers-

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- 0766610433

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