Photocopy machines repair

2019-08-26 09:22 am

When your multifunctional photocopiers break down it can be very frustrating. It doesn’t just stop your employees from printing, it can stop them from copying, faxing and scanning - causing real problems for your business. But have you ever stopped to think why your photocopiers are breaking down? Surely you are paying someone to maintain them, so why do they keep failing? we designed Preventative Maintenance for companies dissatisfied with the normal Reactive Maintenance offered by the mainstream photocopier industry . It is a pioneering and unique service that identifies and corrects any potential faults before they occur by using monthly scheduled engineer visits to your machines, to keep them in their optimum state. Preventative Maintenance is a completely different approach to the traditional Reactive Maintenance where repairs are made after your multifunctional photocopier has failed . We think prevention is better than cure. Don’t you

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