Business Opportunity with a service to the Human

2019-08-13 22:44 pm

INVITATION FOR Lucrative Business Opportunity with a service to the Human Beings Concept of opening a Thermal Healing Therapy Center will be open in Kandy area (Hill Capital) to provide a better health for sick people with longstanding duration. Ceragem Bed has heated jade roller which rolls along your spine and stops few minutes at a time at the acupoints to relieve tension, increase blood circulation, align your spine while you lie on the bed. CERAGEM also uses Chiropractic and Acupuncture concept which works on meridian which governs your entire organ. CERAGEM first scans your spine length, your body's weight and curve and adjusts the program according to personal needs. CERAGEM has 12 different programs to choose from and 6 different levels of intensity. And the best results of curing following sicknesses we have experienced for since 2017. 1. Stomach 2. Small intestine 3. The LARGE Intestine 4. Bladder 5. Liver 6. Heart 7. Lungs 8. Kidney 9. Cold Pharyngitis 10. Insomnia 11. Prostate 12. Gynecology` 13. Hyperlipidemia 14. Hypertension 15. High Blood Pressure 16. Tophus 17. Brain , Head 18. Arthritis 19. Sexual Function 20. Hemorrhoids 21. Cervical Vertebrae 22. Thoracic Vertebrae 23. Lumber Vertebrae Pelvis 24. LEGS, feet

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