solar water pump,

2019-07-21 13:56 pm

Solar water pump හිරු එලියෙන් ක්‍රියකරන ජල පොම්ප කට්ටල. ඔබගෙ අවශ්යතාවයට සරිලන ලෙස පහසු මිලට ලබා ගතහැක . 0767172315 solar water pumping system for farms and ranches by using an elevated solar array to capture the sun's energy to power the irrigation pump completely. This agriculture solar water pump innovation will radically diminish the organizations electricity bill by collecting the rays of the sun and converting them into electricity to power the farms. . Tube well Pumps Deep Well Pumps with 2 Years Warranty From SMART INNOVATION TECHNOLOGY 076 71 72 315 SMART INNOVATION TECHNOLOGY Tube Well Deep Well Pump is the most Experienced experts in Tube well Pumps in Sri Lanka SMART INNOVATION TECHNOLOGY 076 71 72 315 Shallow Tube well Pumps Deep well Pumps Agro Well Pumps With SMART INNOVATION TECHNOLOGY Two Years Warranty extended warranty can be obtained upon SMART INNOVATION TECHNOLOGY Annual Service Agreement Design Supply and installation of Deep well Pump with Warranty and Automatic Pump Control System for easy use and protection of your pumping system.

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