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organizational excellence through total quality management (tqm)

30 Jan 2018 - 02:10 pm
  • Organizational Excellence through Total Quality Management (TQM)

TQM is largely about ‘leadership’. It is basically about the top leaders causing other ‘leaders’ to be produced at all levels. It is about this team of leaders to imbibe a uniform organizational culture and values conducive to the production of required business results. The business results have to be planned, which means there should be a strategic plan drawn up prior to the start of the TQM initiative. Other point to note is that TQM is an ongoing activity. As the market changes, as the customer preferences change, the organization has to steer itself in accordance.

Rs. 20,000

Published By : JASTECA Institute of Management
Location : Colombo - Colombo 3 (Kollupitiya)
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