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wedding cakes (pieces)

05 Jan 2018 - 08:46 am
  • Wedding Cakes (Pieces)

Use a recipe which includes best quality ingredients. Imported fruits are used. We do not use dates. Order must be placed before 3 weeks’ time on requisition but one week also can be consider depends on availability. Wrapped in white oil paper.
On prior requisition can arrange to taste a sample. Minimum quantity per order is 50.
Price for two qualities:
Size Price Good Quality (2nd Quality) Price Best Quality (1st Quality)
2*1*0.75 Rs.90 Rs.100
2*2*.0.75 Rs.140 Rs.160
2*2*1 Rs.160 Rs.210

Rs. 100

Published By : Nandika De Costa
Location : Colombo - Colombo 5 (Havelock town,Kirulapane South)
Sub Category : Food Items
Condition :
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